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Innocence Lost:

Lost Book 2 (pt. 1)

a Cowboy Gangster novel



Axel and Kane’s families and friends struggle to adjust to the men’s absence, each consumed by fear of what has become of them as they search for clues that will identify the abductors.

Meanwhile, shut away in a remote prison in the Texas wastelands, Clint and Cochise attempt to assimilate into a hardened world where horrors of the worst kind gather just beneath the surface, devising nightmares for the most innocent of them all.



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Fallen Angel

Wanderlust: Bk 1 Life as he knows it began for 21-year-old Joey Smith 2 years ago when he entered a random hospital with no clothes and no idea who he was—except for his first name. Upon meeting Doug Haines—a young assistant therapist—the two quickly fell in love and Doug became Joey’s whole world, all he knew in this life. Their love was perfect and Doug adored him. Or so Joey believed. Until Doug abruptly dumps him, abandoning him in the middle of nowhere...(more)

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