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Fallen Hearts: Fallen Book 2

a Boys of Porn series

When love is involved...no sacrifice is too great."

With Patrick out of his life, Derek attempts to go on with daily life and put the young man out of his mind. But thoughts of Patrick haunt his heart and his dreams. With help from his friends—and a deeper look within his own heart—Derek begins to understand that love is not just a “feeling”… but a willingness to sacrifice.

Patrick struggles to convince himself and Brian that he wants nothing to do with Derek, but with each passing day, that conviction weakens. When everything concerning Derek is suddenly exposed to everyone in his life, Patrick finds himself alone, no longer certain who is friend or foe... or who he can trust.



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© Copyright 2014 by Audrey M. Snead

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Broken Halo

Wanderlust: Bk 2 Having left Owen behind, Joey sets out in search of his next “fix”. When rugged, sexy Link rescues him from a bad situation, Joey is hopeful that Link will provide the temporary distraction he needs to combat the pain trying to reclaim his heart. But when Link shows no sexual interest, Joey begins to lose heart – until a sleepover at Link’s home takes an interesting turn...(more)

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