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A New Beginning: A Prelude

The Phoenix Club: New Generation series

The Phoenix Club is more than a high-class gay strip club, but a place to call home for the lost, forsaken boys who find their way to the club’s door. And behind those doors—a loving, compassionate man ready to take them in and make them part of his ever-growing family.


Now, changes are coming to the Phoenix Club and the club boys are worried as Max reveals he has an important announcement to make. Are they about to lose their “home”… or is something new and exciting about to take place inside the walls of their beloved Phoenix?




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Curious Boys #3 Samson’s curiosity for all things in general inevitably lead him to the conundrum – why are some people attracted to the same gender and others aren’t. As his curiosity gets the better of him, Samson signs up for Gideon Dodd’s Curious Boys segment to explore this “phenomenon.” Being a man of logic, Samson approaches the experiment in a scientific spirit, eager for answers and a final analysis.

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