18 y/o Jordan Laird wakes up from a car accident with limited memory of what happened or even who he is. Feeling that Jordan needs a more relaxed environment, his family moves to a small town far away from the city and begin to help Jordan understand who he was, the things he enjoyed, his passions and goals. But as Jordan begins to regain his life, he soon discovers that the things he once loved now hold very little interest to him. Even his new relationship with Melissa Kilpatrick –one of the prettiest, most popular girls in school –feels empty and unfulfilling. When Jordan voices his feelings to his parents, they reason that he just needs to time to re-assimilate into his life.


It makes sense to Jordan and he tries harder to be the son his parents remember, but when he fails repeatedly to regain his old identity –Jordan begins to “fake” it to ease his parents’ anxiety and make them believe they have their old son back. Jordan becomes a master at playing his role in all areas –including his relationship with Melissa –but his carefully construed façade is disrupted when he meets Terrance Mallory, a new guy in town who takes a strong interest in Jordan –a little too strong.


As the days and weeks pass, Jordan watches his mom slowly sink into a state of depression as his father becomes stricter about Jordan taking his goals seriously –and even feels a resentment in his dad that he doesn’t understand. Until he discovers the shocking truth of his accident. His world is suddenly turned upside down as the depth of his father’s sins against his son is exposed.



Jax Damon—founder and lead singer of ‘Jackal’—is loving the life of the rock star. And the further that life takes him from where he began, the better. Making time with the boys in the band—as well as his many male fans—Jax eagerly saturates his mind with a pleasant haze of alcohol and drugs, a necessary measure to drown out thoughts of Doug Maze, once his greatest supporter (and Jax’s wildest fantasy), but who now feels nothing but disappointment and disgust in the man Jax has become.