Pure Love

Gideon puts out a call for 18+ virgin boys who want their first time to be unforgettable - and immortalized on film.

This series showcases 5-6 young men who have answered Gideon's call and are about to be given an experience of a lifetime.


Lights, Camera, Action!

A collection of BOP's hottest, sexiest scenes as well as previously unpublished scenes.


Curious Boys (a BOP short story series)

Gideon puts out a call to curious straight boys to come and explore their curiosity.


UnMasked (a BOP novella)



Valentine makes loves with his hands--"sees" with his touch. When he meets Thomas, a new young man who has come to Gideon, he is told that Thomas has a scarred face which he covers with a mask. Thomas is a skilled performer, but off-camera refuses to let anyone close. Valentine sees things in Thomas that can only be viewed with the 'heart', and longs to prove to Thomas how beautiful he truly is.