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The Brokenhearted Necklace

That Which Was Lost series: Complete Volume One

*Contains all 4 books + Bonus Novella "Love Unaccepted"

Haunted by a disturbing memory of brutal intolerance, Lonny struggles to deal with being the only gay kid in his school as he suffers daily from the ridicule and taunts of Quarterback Jack Flemming and his group. Condemned even by his own father, Lonny feels alone and cut off, his only solace in the brokenhearted necklace he wears that carries with it the reminder that things could be so much worse. Wanting only to be invisible, and hiding his heart, Lonny is suddenly drawn out of hiding by Paul - the gorgeous new kid at school - who insists that Lonny is the boy of his dreams, the answer to his prayers.


Love Unaccepted: A Brokenhearted Necklace novella
The followup story of Jack and Travis.
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Ivan & Sophia: Evil That Men Do - Book 1
That Which Was Lost series (Volume 2)

*This is Book 1 of Volume 2 of the "That Which Was Lost" series and is a continuation of VOL. 1 - "The Brokenhearted Necklace". Volumes MUST be read in order.

With the death of his mother, 13-year-old Paul McNair is suddenly thrust into a hostile environment under the sole care of his abusive father. His only friend is Sophia, a young girl his own age who he soon learns is the victim of abuse herself. When Sophia's 16-year-old brother, Ivan, reveals a secret, forbidden interest in Paul and begins to coerce Paul into intimate acts, Paul is cast into confusion as what to feel. Ivan never hurts him and even displays affection for him, yet when around their fathers and the other adult men, he is critical of Paul. Sophia exhibits unexpected care for her abusive brother that Paul doesn't entirely understand until he learns that Ivan is as much of a victim as Sophia and Paul.

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