“There’s a groupie out here offering a bundle for ten minutes with you.”


Eyes dull as he sucked on the butt of the cigarette, Jax tilted his head back and blew the smoke out slowly into the hazy interior of the bus. “Is he hot?”


Doc shrugged. “I’d fuck him.”


A dry smile slid across Jax’s lips. “Send him in.”


The drummer opened the bus door and motioned the guy inside. He halted the kid with a palm to his chest when he started to pass, and snapped his fingers. The young man stuffed a wad of bills in his hand and Doc let him by, exiting the bus.


Jax dropped his feet to the floor and leaned forward, elbows on his knees, and continued to suck on the cigarette as he looked the kid up and down. Unruly dusty blond hair hung a bit in his large, greenish blue eyes. He was a little skinny but not without appeal. Full lips a light shade of pink that Jax found rather cock-hardening. His deduction? Entirely fuckable. “How old are you?” he asked skeptically.


“E-Eighteen,” the guy mumbled.


Jax looked him over again. “You sure?”


The kid nodded. Jax had his doubts.


“Got any ID?” Fuck the rules, was Jax’s motto—but minors in his bus was a no-fucking-go. He didn’t need nor want that kind of trouble.


“Uh…yeah.” The young man fumbled with his wallet and tugged out his driver’s license, then handed it to Jax when the rock star snapped his fingers.


Jax looked at the ID. “This a fake?”




The boy’s nervous shyness caused a throb in Jax’s crotch. They were the most intriguing. Lusting for Jax so hard that they defied their own shy nature just for a single encounter with their idol. Jax returned the ID then leaned back in the cushioned chair and propped one foot to the side, affording the kid a full view of Jax’s bulging crotch. Jax sucked long and firm on the cigarette, his heavy eyes locked on the kid’s face. “That money,” he murmured. “You steal it?” He smirked. “Not that I give a fuck.”


“I didn’t steal it,” the young man insisted nervously. “I…I saved it.”


“For this?” Jax cocked an eyebrow with an amused smile.


He nodded. “Yes.”


“So…is this like a…dream of yours?” Jax mused dryly.


The kid swallowed thickly and nodded again. “Yes,” he whispered.


“What’s your name?”




Jax snorted. “No shit?” He snickered. “Cute.”


Ralphie just stared at him, still nervous but with a slow growing heat rising in his large eyes.


Some of the shy ones had the most fire in them. Jax ground out the cigarette in an ashtray to his left then laced his fingers behind his head. “Well, tell me, Ralphie,” he smiled. “What do you want? What is it you saved that wad of cash for?”


The kid hesitated, at a loss for words.


“You want to see my cock, don’t you?”


The boy nodded unsteadily.


“Touch it?” Jax raised an eyebrow and the kid nodded again. “Suck it?”


Ralphie trembled. “Yes.” His jeans were loose fitting but couldn’t hide the swell of his hard cock.


His lips twitching, Jax murmured, “Fuck it?”


A visible shudder ran through the young man. “Yes.”


Jax’s eyes roamed over the boy’s body. “Well, consider me your fairy godmother, Ralphie,” he smiled and unfastened his pants without taking his eyes off the kid. “Because I’m about to make your dream…come true.”


Copyright 2016 by Audrey M. Snead