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HOPE: The Innocent (pt 2)

"Everyone needs a little Hope in their lives."

The notion of domestic life has always been a foreign concept from which mob enforcers Clint and Cochise distanced themselves. Their lives were simple as was the code they lived by - "Eye for an Eye."

Through the love of two very different men, the hardcore gangsters have come to learn that life without love—is a cold empty existence. An existence that neither of them wish to return to.

Clint “the Cowboy” and his fiancé Axel have decided to take the next step in building a family, while Cochise and Kane’s ready-made family hangs in the balance as Cochise confronts past transgressions that he can no longer keep secret.

As the two gangsters and their families face new challenges and old demons, a silent threat creeps ever closer, ready to destroy everything they now cherish. But the stakes are higher these days and the payback more hellish than ever before.

*Contains explicit M/M sex scenes, violence, and strong language. 18+ readers only.

TRIGGER WARNING: references to child abuse, some depictions of sexual abuse.