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Royal: Boys of Porn - Volume Two




Haunted Lovers: Complete Volume

Inspired by Jake Jaxson's (Cockyboys) short film "The Haunting".


This is written as a film that Gideon is making within the story, and features 'The twins' as the haunted lovers (the ghosts), as well as the new boy - Benjamin Sweet - from the JACK volume, and BOP's soon to be introduced new boy Van Ryder (he will officially come into the series in the next BOP book).




Van Ryder is surprised to learn the caretaker job for the Whittaker chalet is still available, and quickly grabs it up. It's the perfect place to bring his new boyfriend, Benjamin Sweet, to get him away from his demanding parents who don't understand his "lifestyle". When Van learns the story behind the chalet and why it is so hard to keep caretakers, he debates whether or not to tell Benjamin -who gets spooked by all things "supernatural". But when they take a detour into a cemetery on their way to the chalet, Benjamin has a strange and unsettling encounter with a mysterious, heartbroken boy who will ultimately force both Benjamin and Van to re-evaluate their views on love, life...and what truly awaits a person beyond the veil of death.