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Made To Be Broken  (Volume 1)

Having grown up in a conservative Christian home and under the cruel hand of an abusive, fanatic father, Noble Richman is unable to accept who he is. Desperately seeking to be “healed” of his same-sex-attractions, Noble drowns in shame and guilt whenever his mind strays to other men. But after meeting Rebecca Harrington, Noble is convinced his prayers have been answered and he is ‘healed’. Engaged and ready to move forward with a woman he has convinced himself he is in love with, all of Noble’s plans – and certainties about himself – are suddenly derailed when he meets Rebecca’s step-brother, Jonah, and he begins to tumble down a slippery slope of forbidden desires and passions – emotions and feelings that the violent hand of his father has taught him are an abomination. 

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Boy In The Shadows  (Volume 1)


Adam Hart's world is suddenly turned upside down when he picks up a young mysterious hitchhiker named Sam, who instantly steals his heart with a single glance of his shy, troubled eyes. Adam senses an immediate connection between them, but though Sam exhibits evidence of that attraction, he resists all levels of intimacy with Adam and, ultimately, flees his presence. Unable to deny his love for the young man, Adam sets out on a journey to win his trust and his heart.

       Upon learning the devastating details of Sam’s past, Adam understands the extreme measures it will take to rescue Sam from the nightmare still clutching the boy in its grip. But can Adam set aside his compassion and need to protect Sam – and push him through the pain and out of the shadows in which he has been hiding in fear all his life? When the battlefield clears, will he have saved Sam? Or lost him forever?

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Lost In Love  (Volume 1)


A typical hike to a mountain cabin turns to much more for best friends Nate Westfall and Kyle Haney. Nate’s secret love for his ‘straight’ friend has been simmering for eight years, held down for fear of destroying their lifelong friendship. But when as Kyle gets drunk on Jack Daniels, he begins to ‘play’ with Nate in a way that Nate finds frustrating and difficult to resist. As Kyle pushes him over the edge and he can no longer hide his desire for the man, he begins to realize there is more to Kyle’s unusual behavior than meets the eye. Unexpected emotions boil over in the young man and for a brief moment it seems all of Nate’s dreams of being with Kyle are coming true – until he is dealt a blow to his heart that shatters their friendship, reducing it to irreparable pieces.

A Thin Line - Original BK 1.jpg
A Thin Line Between Love & Hate  
Love Conquers All series (Original Book One)



Josh Waylon is a prisoner in his own home, his own mind. As a member of an extreme religious group who has targeted homosexuals, Josh is forced to live the hate that the leader--his father--has poisoned them with. But Josh has a secret of his own, one which would bring him extreme pain and punishment within the group and alienate him from everyone he knows.


When the group moves to a new town—a predominately gay community—and Josh attends his new school, he feels like a sheep amidst wolves as the many gay kids within the school know exactly who he is and what his family does. Josh feels no security with his two older brothers, who expect him to suck it up and accept the persecution as a servant of God.


Brandon Nichols immediately detects the difference between Josh and his brothers, seeing deeper within the young man and the truth he is hiding, desperate not to be found out. Brandon believes his calling is to help bridge the gap between the gays and Christians in his school, but he has his work cut out for him with Josh Waylon and the extremist group that has him locked down—emotionally, spiritually...and sexually.

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