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Jackson's Punishment (Crimson Shamrock Regulators)


When a brutal rapist is delivered into the hands of a dangerous, tortured man...his own worst nightmare comes to life.



Journey to the Center of the Heart



Casey has been in love with his best friend, Grady, since they were in middle school. But Grady has always liked girls. Grady knows Casey is gay but is unaware of his friend’s secret love for him. When Grady mentions going to a dating chat room, Casey decides to mess with him and makes a fake screen name and poses as a girl, then PM’s Grady – intending to identify himself after a short chat. But when Grady starts to open up and show his romantic side, Casey is drawn in and can’t bring himself to let go of the fantasy. By the end of their first chat, Casey knows he’s made a huge mistake and needs to come clean as soon as possible, before Grady develops real feelings for this imaginary “girl”. But finally experiencing how it feels to be desired by the man of his dreams, and witnessing how happy Grady is after multiple unfulfilling relationships…Casey is finding it harder and harder to tell the truth and bring them both back to a reality that will not only rob them of their desired loves–but of their friendship as well.


Haunted Lovers (newest).jpg
Haunted Lovers: A Boys of Porn Production
Van Ryder is surprised to learn the caretaker job for the Whittaker chalet is still available, and quickly grabs it up. It’s the perfect place to bring his new boyfriend, Benjamin Sweet, to get him away from his demanding parents who don’t understand his “lifestyle”. When Van learns the story behind the chalet and why it is so hard to keep caretakers, he debates whether or not to tell Benjamin –who gets spooked by all things “supernatural”. But when they take a detour into a cemetery on their way to the chalet, Benjamin has a strange and unsettling encounter with a mysterious, heartbroken boy who will ultimately force both Benjamin and Van to re-evaluate their views on love, life…and what truly awaits a person beyond the veil of death.


Change of Heart: Be the Change Series (a faith-based gay romance)

What if homosexuality wasn’t a sin? What if the “clobber” passages in the Bible had been grossly misinterpreted? What if it really was “okay to be gay”? What if God “didn’t” hate homosexuals?


These are questions youth pastor Dean Mitchell has addressed, and come to learn the damage he has caused the young people of his former church while heading up the Purity program—a conversion therapy course for Christian youth experiencing same-sex attraction.


When Dean returns to his home church after being away for two years, no one is prepared for what he has to say. His heart is torn when he comes face to face with Nicholas Blake, the young man he had fallen in love with while attempting to help him overcome his homosexuality. Nicholas Blake—who is now engaged to a woman and, to all intents and appearances, “healed” of his homosexuality.


Now, Dean must deal with his own wounded heart as he struggles to come to terms with his feelings about the young man and his newfound happiness with a woman, and his possible expulsion from the church he loves so dearly.​

Micah's Miracle.jpg
Micah's Miracle:  "A Christmas Love Story"


After watching his mother die of a broken heart, Micah Rose fears that the events of his youth has damaged him, rendering him incapable of falling in love - Until an unexpected chance encounter ignites a fleeting spark of faith in his heart—only to be extinguished a moment later, leaving Micah more certain than ever that the miracle of love is a myth…at least for him.


Just when he is ready to accept his fate of a lonely existence, Micah meets Salvador—a weary old man consumed with regret and longing to reach out to a family he abandoned years ago. When Micah befriends the old man and aids him in his quest to reunite with his family, he has no idea that his small act of kindness has set in motion a chain of events that will change his life forever.

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