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Prime: Complete Series


After being stood up for a date, Rick is feeling like an old shoe about to be tossed out. But when his son's friend, Hale, talks up his hotness and sexiness, he begins to think maybe men his own age isn't where it's at, and decides to call Hale's bluff and see if he truly thinks Rick is as sexy and hot as he insists. 

Caught up in their new sexual relationship, Rick and Hale struggle to keep their love affair a secret from Rick’s son (and Hale’s best friend) – Jake – uncertain how far this sexual adventure will take them or if it will last beyond a momentary fling. But when Hale reveals to Rick a quietly kept secret about his passion for D/s sex – as well as his first experience in rough sex play – Rick feels a new and deeper bond forming between him and the younger man. 


Home For The Holidays (John & Luke - Pts 1 & 2)



John comes home for Thanksgiving after being gone away to college for two years. While in his old bedroom, he takes notice of the house next door where Luke, the source of many of his teenage fantasies, lived. To his shock, Luke shows up at his window and climbs in. John realizes he's still as attracted to him as ever...and Luke reveals his own secret attraction to John as well. Yet John is about to discover that there is much more to Luke Rivers than meets the eye. 


John & Luke have returned to their own schools, both anxious to get back together again at Christmas. Talking constantly on the phone and through the computer, they can barely wait to see each other and satisfy their pent up passion of being apart for a month. But when Luke abruptly goes "silent" just before they are about to head home for Christmas, John is confused and worried. Unable to contact Luke at all, John is hopeful all will be explained once he gets home and can talk to Luke face to face. Except - Luke isn't there waiting for him, and John is consumed in a whirlwind of doubt that quickly escalates into a storm of heartache and fear. 


Hot Shots:  M/M Short Story Collection


Includes the following short stories:

- As Luck Would Have It 
- Sleeping With The Enemy 
- In His Prime 
- Painted Passion 
- The Ghost of Devon House 
- Journey to the Center of the Heart 


The Boys We Love: M/M Romance Collection


Eight short stories of burning passion and real love. A collection of M/M erotic romance, including the following short stories by A.M. Snead: 

BROKEN ROAD: One brokenhearted boy. Two sexy, compassionate strangers. Three warm, willing bodies on a cold night. 

JUST A KISS: It was just a little kiss to prove a point. 

HIDDEN DESIRES: What meets the eye, isn’t always as it appears. 

ROOM WITH A VIEW: Wrong room, right time. 

BIRTHDAY WISH: His 22nd birthday. A hot bartender. And one wish. 

WIN, LOSE OR DRAW: It isn’t whether you win or lose…it’s how you play the game. 

GHOST OF A CHANCE: “I will love you until the end…and even then.” 

HANDS ON: Two ships passing in the night…or a fated encounter? 


Blackwell: Haunted Lovers Collection


*Three novellas from the Blackwell series.

GHOST OF A CHANCE: Logan Maddock moves to the small, backwoods town of Blackwell, Wisconsin in hopes of starting over after the devastating death of his boyfriend, Sebastian. After a year of depression, and multiple thoughts of suicide, Logan is still struggling to find a reason to keep living. After buying an old manor house to renovate, in hopes of distracting his thoughts from his loss and grief, Logan is shocked when – during his first night in the house – he has an extremely vivid erotic dream of Sebastian, his first since Sebastian's death. In the dream, Sebastian seems startled that Logan can “see” him. Logan is convinced it's all a dream, and wakes up with a renewed sense of loss. But as Logan soon learns…Blackwell is not the typical, little town it appears to be.

THE GHOST OF DEVON HOUSE: Since the death of their parents, Rowen’s older brother, Sean, has been a firm believer in all things supernatural, while Rowen remains grounded in reality. When Sean meets Bane in an online chat room and the two become good friends, Rowen takes one look at Bane’s picture and falls for him. Bane tells Sean of a legend in his town about a haunted house, and Sean sees it as an opportunity to make his little brother a believer in ghosts. Steadfast in his belief that there are no such things as ghosts, Rowen is nonetheless eager to get up close and personal with Bane, and offers no argument when Sean packs up and moves them to Blackwell –a town much more special than Rowen could have ever imagined.

THIS PRESENT DARKNESS: One year ago this Halloween, tragedy destroyed life as Chad Timmons knew it. For a year now, he has suppressed the pain and memories. With the anniversary of the incident, everything begins to surface, deepening Chad's despair. He begins to question his sanity as he starts to see things that couldn't possibly be there. How much of it is real? How much merely figments of his fractured heart and mind?

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