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Fallen Angel: Wander Lust series (# 1)

Life as he knows it began for 21-year-old Joey Smith 2 years ago when he entered a random hospital with no clothes and no idea who he was—except for his first name. Upon meeting Doug Haines—a young assistant therapist—the two quickly fell in love and Doug became Joey’s whole world, all he knew in this life. Their love was perfect and Doug adored him. 

Or so Joey believed. Until Doug abruptly dumps him, abandoning him in the middle of nowhere during a vacation to celebrate the anniversary of when they met. Joey is lost and confused and brokenhearted. He has no one but Doug, and now not even him. Joey must now face an unknown world all over again, feeling like he’s starting out with another “blank slate” – as all that he had known is gone. 

Taking to the highway with nothing but the clothes on his back, a twenty-dollar bill in his wallet, and a broken heart in his chest, Joey quickly learns that there are things in this world that can dull the pain—even make him forget the heartbreak for a while. His drug of choice; sex. And with each “hit”, he is swift to seek out his next “fix”, convinced that this has become the sum of his life until he finally just fades away. 

But is there is more to Joey Smith than meets the eye? Was he really just uncaringly discarded, or does a deeper destiny lie within? 


Broken Halo: Wander Lust series (# 2)

Having left Owen behind, Joey sets out in search of his next “fix”. When rugged, sexy Link rescues him from a bad situation, Joey is hopeful that Link will provide the temporary distraction he needs to combat the pain trying to reclaim his heart. But when Link shows no sexual interest, Joey begins to lose heart – until a sleepover at Link’s home takes an interesting turn, providing Joey “double” the pleasure and distraction he had been seeking. And as he gains a glimpse of the person he used to be, Joey becomes concerned about the nature of his true self which has remained hidden in his forgotten past for the last two years. 


Devil's Scent: Wander Lust series (# 3)


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